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altensteigstadtansicht Distance from the campsite: approx. 1 km

Altensteig is part of thematic route of German road construction. In a beautiful landscape, this picturesque health resort from the upper valley of Nagold - there where the great mountain forests stretch, up the valley, to the river valleys Enz and Murg - is a magnet for hikers, for those seeking rest and cultural interests.

Altensteig is an attractive health resort, with health facilities, entertainment and sports, museum, theater and concerts. A special attraction exerts the city landscape marked by middle age. On a historical route, visitors are led through the old town with its buildings, the castle and the town church. Also the other attractive parts of the city are worth visiting.

Ore mine

erzgrube Distance from the campsite: approx. 12 km

In the summer months, the barrage near Nagold is a place for rest visited by pleasure. Hikers, cyclists and roller skaters are looking for recreation and relaxation. In and on the lake there are all kinds of sports. Along the barrage of Nagold there are six public and two private parking. In the middle of the barrage and in the 5 and 6 parking places there are also arranged public places for fire. Bathing is permitted. Between 01.04. and 30.09. it is allowed surfing and sailing.

Neubulach - Mine

Hella Stollen Distance from the campsite: approx. 12 km


Hella-Glück Gallery is particularly well equipped for visitors, illuminated and can be browsed, regardless of age, convenient and non-dangerous on plate routes to the operating area "Segen-Gottes-Gang" (Gallery blessed by God).

During crossing more than 400 m of galleries and shafts with deep excavations in rocks, you will feel the experience of an old and heavy working in a medieval mine.


Distance from the campsite: approx. 16 km


Krippena is a fantastic exhibition of hand-carved representations of the manger and contains the largest Christmas manger in the world., carved by hand.


Distance from the campsite: approx. 22 km



The one who wanders on the hidden alleys, pedestrian area or market can not overlook the historic ambience of Calw.

Hesse, Hirsau, trading houses.

Live the multicultural of a very special city!

Versatility of our city can not be described only with three terms "Hesse, Hirsau, trading houses", although they are characteristic of this great city as it is lived by the visitors worldwide.

After the name of his most famous son, Calw boasts today with the name of "City of Hermann Hesse".

Benedictine Monastery of St. Peter and Paul from the Hirsau neighborhood is a cultural monument of European importance.

On the other hand, large retailers in Calw brought in the past centuries, great wealth in their city, which traces are still visible in our times through impressive architecture of numerous bourgeois houses..

Freudenstadt in the Black Forest

Distance from the campsite: approx. 23 km



Through the largest market in Germany - surrounded by beautiful arcades - Freudenstadt is a tip for those visiting the Black Forest.

Fountains of lower market attracts all ages! Take a walk and enjoy a more than comfortable living with a historical flair, in the largest market of Germany.

Freudenstadt - city of holiday and shopping - waiting to be discovered.

Our attractive town in the Black Forest is surrounded by a wooded landscape, idyllic and dreaming. It lies at 730 m above sea level and was founded in 1599 in the architectural style of the late Renaissance.

Lotharpfad (Lothar's path) - trip path


 Distance from the campsite: approx. 40 km


Lothar's path is a path of study and adventure in the forest of natural reserve Schliffkopf near the road of Black Forest between Oppenau and Baiersbronn on B 500 in the northern Black Forest. Name of this path of adventure comes from storm Lothar, who on 26 December 1999 cut with wind speeds up to 200 km / h, a wide channel through the forest.

Bears cave /  Sonnenbühl mist cave

Distance from the campsite: about 65 km






Mist cave is one of the oldest and most beautiful caves visited in southern Germany.

Castle Hohenzollern


  Distance from the campsite: about 70 km

Castle Hohenzollern is the ancestral castle of the principles family and house of Hohenzollern, who at once ruled the region. It is located in Baden-Württemberg, between the localities Hechingen and Bisingen, to which part it belongs.

Europapark Rust

  Distance from the campsite: about 110 k


Europa - Rust Park is a leisure park in Rust, Baden-Württemberg. With more than 4.5 million of annually visitors, it is the largest entertainment park in the area of German language. An area of 900,000 m² it is offering over 16 thematic areas by more than 100 companies and more performances.

Other destinations and trips

Destination   Distance from  camping   Brief description
Pforzheim   ca. 50km   Gold city in the Black Forest
Baden-Baden   ca. 53km  

Casino, ruins of Roman baths, museums

Wolfach   ca. 58km   Glassware with Christmas Village and glassware area
Stuttgart   ca. 60km   Capital of land Baden-Württemberg
Gutach   ca. 65km   Peasant household in the open air
Triberg   ca. 80km   Cascade, watches museum



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